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01/09/23: Abortion is Not Healthcare:
The Historical and Biblical Understanding of a Doctor’s Obligation – Author: Katelyn Walls Shelton



Dr. Bruchalski on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

10/22/22: Dr. John Bruchalski is the author of a new book in which he shares his inspiring conversion from abortionist to pro-life OBGYN.


Dr. Bruchalski on EWTN News Nightly

10/20/22: A US doctor says he wanted to serve women and be the very best so he performed abortions. Until the day things did not go as planned. In his new book “Two Patients,” Dr. John Bruchalski tells the story of his conversion from pro-abortion to pro-life, and much more.


Dr. Bruchalski on NBC News NOW

8/30/22: NBC News’ Kathy Park spoke with three Catholic providers who changed their stance on abortion.

Dr. Bruchalski on OAN's "In Focus" with Addison Smith

9/26/22: Former abortion doctor turned pro-life medical care provider, Dr. John Bruchalski, joined “In Focus with Addison Smith” to discuss the latest promise from Biden to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law if the Democrats take control after the midterm elections.



Religion News Service: A doctor decides mother and child are both his patients


11/15/22: Want to hear about the existential fear many pro-lifers have right now? It isn’t about the failure of the red wave to materialize. It isn’t about the (admittedly terrible and extreme) pro-abortion referenda being passed in states like California, Michigan and Montana. What pro-life advocates fear most is a woman in a conservative state dying during pregnancy becoming a very public story.

Catholic News Agency: Former abortionist recalls moment of pro-life conversion: ‘God’s mercy is here’

10/23/22: As an OB-GYN in training, Dr. John Bruchalski considered abortion to be health care. But that changed when, one night, he was caught between trying to save the life of one unborn baby — and ending the life of another…


National Catholic Register: What Our Lady of Guadalupe Means to a Former Abortionist

12/12/22: The famous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe has become a powerful cultural icon associated with motherhood, feminism, social justice, dignity and hope. For me, she represents something more personal. It was through her intercession during my medical training that the Lord called me to turn away from performing elective abortions and to practice life-affirming medicine.

Beliefnet: A Tale of “Two Patients”


10/24/22: John Bruchalski just wanted to provide quality medical care to his female patients and to meet all their medical needs. That was why he agreed to perform abortions during his residency…

Newsweek op-ed: Mothers of Congenitally Ill Babies Deserve Better than Abortion

10/19/22: When a mother learns that her unborn child has a severe, life-limiting diagnosis, the news is devastating. Regretfully, I followed the standard medical recommendation and aborted babies with hydrocephalus, spina bifida, and genetic abnormalities during my residency in the late 1980s…

CBN News: Ex-Abortion Doctor Had a Revelation in 1 Stunning Moment, Now He Fights for the Unborn: 'Instrument for the Love of Jesus'

10/14/22: A Virginia ex-abortionist has a strong message for women who are struggling with the regret and trauma of having an abortion as well as physicians who have performed abortions – no one is beyond the grace, mercy, and forgiveness of God.

The Pillar: 'Life-affirming' care and the hardest of cases

8/5/22: As different states continue to try to shake out the “new normal” after the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs, doctors, lawyers, and legislators are all wrestling with questions about language, intention, and what it means to protect the life of a mother…

The Federalist: How This OB/GYN Went From Killing Babies To Saving Them

10/13/22: ‘It was psychotic. In one room, I’m trying to save a child because the mother wanted it. In the other room, I had to get rid of a child that the woman, the mom didn’t want.’

Catholic Herald: Pro-life pioneer reflects on his changing role at pivotal moment in the movement

5/31/22: Almost 30 years after opening Tepeyac OB/GYN in Fairfax, and then its fundraising and education arm, Divine Mercy Care, Bruchalski received one of the nation’s most prestigious pro-life awards April 23 at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana…

Live Action News: It’s not necessary to abort preborn babies for ‘the hard cases’

8/18/19: Students for Life of America president Kristan Hawkins recently hosted a webcast on “How to Answer the Hard Cases” with former abortionist (now pro-life) Dr. John Bruchalski of Divine Mercy Care in Virginia. The abortion “exceptions” such as rape, life of the mother, and fetal abnormalities are frequently referenced as reasons why abortion must remain legal…

Washington Post: Medical Practices Blend Health and Faith Doctors, Patients Distance Themselves From Care They Consider Immoral

8/31/06: Sandwiched between a swimming pool store and a spice shop on Lee Highway in Fairfax, the Tepeyac Family Center looks like any other suburban doctor’s office. But it isn’t. The practice combines “the best of modern medicine with the healing presence of Jesus Christ,” a brochure at the reception desk announces…


10/31/22: Dr. Bruchalski on "The Bookmonger” podcast, produced by the National Review

10/30/22: Dr. Bruchalski on “Lighthouse Faith” podcast on

10/18/33: Dr. Bruchalski on Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd


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