I published an op-ed in National Review just before Christmas about all the resources available to help women in crisis pregnancies. Elective abortion does not help women. Churches, pro-life doctors, government assistance, and non-profits offer the hope and support pregnant women deserve. Here’s a sneak peak.

In the five months since the U.S. Supreme Court returned abortion policies to the states, abortion issues have dominated the political and media landscape. They were among the most important issues Americans took with them to the polls last month because, no matter where you fall on the issue, abortion is a defining moral and cultural matter of our era.

I’ve been on both sides of the abortion debate during my 30-plus years as an OB-GYN. I performed elective abortions during the first two years of my medical residency. Then, one day, things didn’t go as I had planned in the hospital. My conscience pricked me hard, and I realized that I served two patients: mother and child. I later founded Tepeyac OB/GYN, a life-affirming practice, and now work full-time for its sister organization Divine Mercy Care, which raises money to provide services for women in financial need.

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