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The FDA’s push to make at-home abortion pills more widely available

The FDA’s push to make at-home abortion pills more widely available than they already are highlights a brutal reality about the state of reproductive medicine today. The abortion industry is working hard to expand do-it-yourself abortions that put the mother’s physical health at risk and expose women to emotional trauma.

Women seeking abortions may soon be able to pick up the abortion drug at their local retail pharmacy, or have the pills mailed to their front door. During Covid and after Roe was struck down, the FDA approved retail pharmacies to distribute the drug and enabled telemedicine to be used for this express purpose. Though Walgreens announced it would not distribute the pills in 20 states where Attorneys General objected, it is looking to obtain certifications in certain states. CVS and RiteAid have not yet made a public decision.

Starvation and Expulsion – the should-be name for “DIY Abortion”

The do-it-yourself medical procedure should more accurately be described as an “S&E” — starvation and expulsion — abortion. Mifepristone is the “starvation” pill. The drug starves the unborn child of essential nutrients by blocking the hormone progesterone that the baby needs to grow. The second drug, misoprostol, makes the uterus cramp and forcefully expel the pregnancy. It is the “expulsion” pill.

This drug combination is considered “safe and effective” up to 10 weeks in pregnancy according to the FDA, even though it ends an unborn baby’s life and can lead to potentially life-threatening complications for the mother that go severely underreported.  

Women who take on these abortion procedures are often not given a full picture of just how traumatizing the chemical abortion can be. They are usually not prepared for how bloody and messy it will be. And they might not know there’s a good chance they will be able to see their baby during this process.

Women who have had abortions are changed forever…

Imagine women who have experienced the sadness and horror of witnessing their miscarriages when they happen at home. The blood. The cramping. The fear of hemorrhage. “Is it finished?” “Should I go to the ER?” Now add this to the difficulty of making the abortion decision. Add this to flushing the products of conception, “POC,” the “tissue” down the toilet.

With chemical abortions, the mother sees the bloody reality of what an abortion is and remembers it. Cognitive dissonance is very real and at the heart of the difficult decision of having an abortion. At a time of more need for real informed consent and careful care of the pregnant woman, the abortion industry, alongside the FDA and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, wants less for our patients. Much less.

A woman who has had an abortion is changed forever, whether she acknowledges it or not. They are often deeply wounded. Some experience depression, guilt and regret, rage and anger, nightmares, intense grief, or suicidal thoughts. Others seem unchanged or apathetic on the outside, but I have found that most feel as though the abortion experience has left a hole in their hearts. Some may wrongly believe they don’t deserve to be loved or forgiven after having aborted their children, and they let these beliefs destroy them from the inside out. They often experience a crisis with a future pregnancy, especially if it ends in a miscarriage or stillbirth. Occasionally, these women feel guilty when they deliver a healthy baby, believing they don’t deserve another child because of the one they rejected.

The abortion pill will deepen the trauma of abortions by imprinting the violent experience deep into the psyches of women. After taking the abortion pill, mothers are up close and personal with the reality of abortion. They will see their dead babies. Post-abortive trauma will only widen and deepen as mothers come face-to-face with the agonizing truth of what an abortion is and does. Abortion is feticide.

At home abortions already account for more than half of all abortions. How many more women will suffer alone?

You have 24-48 hours to call the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline.


If you or someone you know regrets beginning the abortion pill process, remember that it can be reversed as long as you act within 24-48 hours. Call the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline at (877) 558-0333 for guidance.

As more and more abortions are done at home, in bedrooms and on toilets and tile, women will come face-to-face with the brutality of abortion. They will come face to face with the lie — that the abortion pill is “safe and effective” and necessary for women’s reproductive health. The abortion on demand foundation for feminine health and wholeness is the real lie.

The foundation to recovering trust with patients is not relying on only one “technological solution” or one “politically correct” way of thinking about a disease and treatment, but building a gratuitous relationship where we lay down our life in small and large ways for our patients/friends (John 15:13).

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