I believe that life-affirming medicine can change the world, one heart at a time.

Life-affirming medicine is aimed at restoring the integrity of the human person by combining the best of science and modern medicine with the healing presence of Jesus Christ. Life-affirming medicine recognizes each person as a unique gift — an individual made up of body, soul and spirit, deserving of mercy and dignity.

Hi, I'm Dr. John Bruchalski

I am a pro-life OB/GYN working to builD a culture of life in MEDICINE.

Chapter 1: The One Pound Person

It’s another busy night in labor and delivery at Norfolk General Hospital. I hustle through the unit, which is abuzz with nurses, laboring mothers, and the rhythmic sounds of fetal heart monitors echoing into the hallway. I stop to check the patient chart hanging on the wall outside the  delivery room to which I’ve been paged. … Inside, a woman lies trembling on a birthing bed with tears streaming down her cheeks… 

Washington Post Article

Medical Practices Blend Health and Faith Doctors, Patients Distance Themselves From Care They Consider Immoral

NBC News Video

Kathy Park spoke with three Catholic providers who changed their stance on the issue. 

The Pillar

‘Life-affirming’ care and the hardest of cases

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